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At Mid Island Audiology, we personalize your hearing healthcare and take the time to listen to what you need from hearing aids. We also give you a comprehensive hearing evaluation that allows us to fully understand your hearing loss. From this, we are able to diagnose your specific degree of hearing loss and help you find a solution that will allow you to hear better.

Fitting someone with the right hearing aids requires patience and flexibility. What works for one patient will not necessarily work for someone else. Just as every hearing loss is different, so is every hearing aid. That’s why we carry a wide range of hearing aids all at different levels of technologies. We work with the leading hearing aid manufacturers, and carry devices from Oticon, ReSound, Signia, Starkey, and Widex.

Finding the Right Hearing Aid for You

There are many reliable, effective hearing aids available today. From smart hearing aids that have Bluetooth connectivity to rechargeable options, there is an option for everyone. Because there are so many hearing aids to choose from, you need a professional who understands the differences in hearing aid technology, and who can help you find the right device for your unique hearing needs. Dr. Recher is an expert in hearing aids and believes in educating his patients. We will go over some recommendations of hearing aids that we believe will best help you. When deciding which hearing aids to recommend, we consider:

  • Your hearing loss: Some hearing aids are a better fit for mild to moderate hearing loss, while others offer the extra power to help with more severe hearing losses.
  • Your lifestyle: Your hearing aids need to be able to help you in the listening environments where you spend your time. For some people, that’s mostly quiet spaces like your own home, but other people may live a more social and active life surrounded by a lot of background noise. These different lifestyles call for different types of hearing aids.
  • Your budget: Hearing aids are an investment, and not everyone needs top-of-the-line technology. We’ll work with you to find a good compromise between cost and quality that will suit your needs.

At Mid Island Audiology, our priority is to educate you about your hearing loss and help you find a hearing aid that allows you to reconnect with the ones you love. All of our recommendations are personalized to you. And if we try something and it isn’t working for you, we’ll find you something else. We aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied.

Hearing aid line up at Mid Island Audiology

Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids have advanced immensely in recent years. Hearing aids are now digital, and many are even considered to be “smart.” Smart hearing aids include features such as Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeability, automatic functioning, and even artificial intelligence! With today’s hearing aids, you can connect to many of your favorite smart devices. Hearing aids that have Bluetooth can connect to your smartphone so you can stream phone calls, music, and other audio directly to your hearing aids. This makes talking on the phone with your friends and family easier than ever. Rechargeable hearing aids are also popular among many people. Instead of having to worry about changing batteries every week, you can just place your hearing aid on a charger, and it will charge overnight.

In addition to the smart features many hearing aids have, they are also incredibly small in size. Most models are discreet, and some are even considered to be “nearly invisible.” No matter the type of technology you are looking for in a hearing aid, we have a variety to choose from that will allow you to have an easier listening experience.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids


and Follow-Up Care

After we’ve tested your hearing and have decided that you would be a good candidate for hearing aids then we will discuss your options. This is a low-pressure experience as we won’t try to sell you hearing aids that you don’t need. We will go over some options that we believe will help you hear better and explain the different levels of technology. We also carry demo hearing aids in-office that you can try on and even wear home. This lets you experience how they feel in your ears and what they sound like.

After you’ve demoed a pair of hearing aids and have decided you would like to move forward, then we will fit them to you. You can expect to come back to our office a few times so we can ensure your hearing aids are working properly for you. Below is a timeline for your fitting and follow-up appointments.

Initial Fitting: Hearing aids must be fitted to the wearer before they can be used, and they also require custom programming to ensure they address your individual hearing loss. After you get hearing aids for the first time, there will be an adjustment phase as your brain begins to experience soundwaves in a different way. Remember, your brain is not used to recognizing speech sounds at this volume and frequency. It must create new neural pathways that allow it to recognize speech sounds and interpret them as language. That’s why we encourage you to wear your hearing aids every day when you first receive them, to give yourself a chance to adjust.

Two-week follow-up: Two weeks after the hearing aid fitting, you will return to our office for a real ear measurement to determine if your hearing aids are properly fit and programmed to your hearing loss. Dr. Recher will verify with 100 percent accuracy the custom fitted solution for your hearing loss. He will also replace your hearing aid batteries at his cost and answer any questions you may have about your hearing aids.

Ongoing care: If you have any trouble with your hearing aids, give us a call and let us help you. It’s also important to come see us to have your hearing aids and ears fully cleaned and checked out on a regular basis, and to have your hearing tested annually. We’ll keep in touch with you about scheduling these ongoing appointments.

Signia Styletto X hearing aids

Our Preferred Manufacturer: Signia

Like any other technology, hearing aids have made significant advancements to offer a better listening experience. Some of the benefits are incredible! While hearing aids of the past would simply amplify sound, today’s hearing aids do so much more. The Styletto X transforms the outdated image of hearing aids into a highly sophisticated design.

The Styletto X meets all of your hearing needs with its revolutionary Signia chip for best speech comprehension. With the Styletto X you can hear even in noisy environments. The unique acoustic-motion sensors allow the Styletto X to optimize your hearing in every environment. This way you can hear your best wherever life takes you. Additional features of the Styletto X include:

  • On the go wireless charging
  • The Signia Assistant for personalized hearing
  • Direct connectivity to your smartphone
  • Sleek and nearly invisible design

Remember, better hearing allows you to connect with the world around you and enjoy communication with the ones you love. If you’ve never tried hearing aids before – or it’s been a while – try the Styletto X! You’d be surprised how much a tiny device can impact your life and well-being.

Signia Styletto X Hearing Aids

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