Hearing Aid Options

With new devices always entering the market and a variety of technological advances in hearing, it is often difficult to decide which hearing aid is right for you. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert in the available devices in order to visit Mid Island Audiology. You simply need to answer a few questions about the type of experience you want to have with your hearing aid.

What size do you prefer?

Today’s hearing aids are very small in comparison to the devices your parents or grandparents may have had. Hearing aids are now smaller and more discreet, but still come in three placement options. These are over the ear, in the ear canal (where a portion of the hearing aid shows), or completely in the ear canal (where no part of the hearing aid is visible.) Of course, a patient’s size options are determined by their hearing loss.

What are your hearing goals?

Everyone wants to hear as well as they did when they were a child, but there are other factors that go into deciding what your hearing goals are for hearing aids. While some manufacturers claim that their processing chip can improve someone with normal hearing’s ability to hear, it is important to note that not all patients with a hearing loss will experience “normal” hearing with a hearing aid. Success depends on the type of hearing aid used, how quickly the two ears communicate with each other, and how long the person has had a hearing loss. Dr. Recher will thoroughly discuss your hearing goals and what expectations are considered reasonable during your consultation process.

What is your budget?

You cannot put a price on your ability to hear, but you can put a price on your ability to afford hearing aids. Make no mistake, hearing aids are an investment worth every penny. Your relationships with other people, your ability to enjoy your life and your self-confidence are all dependent on your ability to hear what is going on around you.

That being said, there are a variety of hearing aid options that are available at every price point, making it affordable for everyone to enjoy better hearing. Dr. Recher can make recommendations for hearing aids that will meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Do you like listening to yourself talk?

One of the biggest self-reported hassles when it comes to wearing hearing aids is the sound of one’s own voice, as it can often sound muffled due to the hearing aid blocking sound from returning to the user. Recent innovations in hearing aid technology now allows the sound of the wearer’s own voice to return to their ears the way it does without hearing aids. This makes wearing the hearing aid and speaking much more natural and enjoyable.

Our Preferred Manufacturer Brand

Mid-Island Audiology offers a variety of manufacturer’s brands of hearing aids to meet every need, hearing goal and budget. Among these brands, we feel that more than any other, Signia has emerged as an industry leader.

Signia logo

Signia hearing aids are leading the charge to make hearing aids not only amplify sound but make it more natural. Time and again, patients at Mid Island Audiology comment on how crisp and clear sounds are through their Signia hearing aids, making them the leading hearing aid prescribed in our practice. In addition to exceptional sound quality, Signia hearing aids have revolutionized the way wearers hear themselves speak. One of the biggest limitations of hearing aids to this point has been how the wearer hears their own voice. Because of the way speech sounds travel back to the speaker, hearing aids have largely blocked that feedback from returning. Signia’s product line has eliminated the obstruction and made it possible to hear yourself the way you did before your hearing loss.

Best of all, Signia’s devices can be remotely programmed without the wearer having to come back to the office. This is ideal for those who travel extensively or who winter in another location. If there is a problem with their hearing aid or it needs to be reprogrammed for a particular setting, Dr. Recher can access the digital information remotely and have you up and hearing better in no time.

Signia hearing aids also come with free access to our smartphone app that lets you access important hearing aid settings. Adjust the volume and programs with the touch of a finger. Or message Dr. Recher directly with important information, concerns, questions or issues regarding your hearing.

Our Signia devices are also available with the EarQ label, which allows us to attach the Secure 4-Year Warranty. Whether the hearing aid itself says Signia or EarQ, you're still getting the best product with the best protection in the industry.

Follow-Up Care and Maintenance

It would be nice if hearing aids were something you could use and then never have to think about again. Then again, the ability to make adjustments, service the device periodically, and change its settings to match your changing lifestyle are some of the biggest selling points of hearing aids in general. Fortunately, Mid Island Audiology offers follow up care for all of their hearing aid patients.

Initial Fitting

Hearing aids must be fitted to the wearer before they can be used. This initial fitting often involves taking impressions of the ear and creating a customized ear piece for each hearing aid. Once the hearing aids are placed, you will then be asked to wear them every day. Unlike putting on glasses for the first time, someone who wears hearing aids for the first time rarely experiences “normal hearing”. Instead, this adjustment phase is necessary for the brain to begin experiencing soundwaves in a different way. Remember, your brain is not used to recognizing speech sounds at this volume and frequency. It must create new neural pathways that allow it to recognize speech sounds and interpret them as language.

Two Week Follow-Up

Two weeks after the hearing aid fitting, you will return to our office for a real ear measurement. Dr. Recher will verify with 100 percent accuracy the custom fitted solution for your hearing loss. He will also replace your hearing aid batteries at his cost and answer any questions you may have about your hearing aids.

What if my hearing aid breaks?

If your hearing aid breaks, don’t panic. Simply call Mid Island Audiology to schedule an appointment to have it repaired. Dr. Recher will then examine the hearing aid to see if there is something that can be cleaned or fixed in the office. If the repair is beyond what can be done in our office, we will ship it to the manufacturer where they will repair or replace the hearing aid at no cost to you.

Certain hearing aids are also backed by our Telecare system that allows Dr. Recher to adjust your hearing aids remotely. This program is ideal for those who wish to remain in the comfort of their own home or who winter in other locations. Simply contact Dr. Recher with your concern, he will make adjustments from his office, and you will enjoy better hearing.

What if I lose my hearing aids?

Hearing aids are tiny devices, so from time to time, our patients lose one or both of their hearing aids. During your initial fitting, we will discuss replacement deductibles and insurance options that will protect your investment against loss. This feature is especially attractive to parents of children being fitted for hearing aids, those who are purchasing entirely in the canal hearing aids, or those who are extremely active.

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