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Mid Island Audiology offers a variety of services to patients who may be experiencing a hearing loss.

Comprehensive Hearing Testing

When was the last time you had your hearing tested? While many doctor’s offices and pharmacies offer hearing screenings, comprehensive hearing tests involve much more than putting on headphones in quiet room. Our comprehensive hearing testing tests your ability to hear tones, as well as speech in noise. This allows us to mimic real-world environments and determine the extent your hearing loss. We also examine the structures of your ear, their ability to conduct sound, pressure within your ear canal, and other measures that give us a total picture of your hearing ability.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing aids cannot be removed from the box and put in your ears, ready to help you hear better. Instead, they must be custom fit to your ears, based on your anatomy and hearing test results. Some hearing aids can even be connected to a smartphone app that helps you control volume settings and contact Dr. Recher should you experience a problem. After your initial fitting, you will have a chance to wear your hearing aids for two weeks and then come back to verify that you are receiving the maximum benefit from your devices. At that time, we will make adjustments to the fit and settings that will make your hearing aids more comfortable and effective.

Hearing Aid Repair

Only Mid Island Audiology offers a four year warranty for your hearing aids. If something goes wrong with your hearing aid or the device breaks, Dr. Recher will repair it in his office at no charge. If your hearing aid cannot be fixed in the office, Dr. Recher will send it to the manufacturer to be repaired or replaced. You can enjoy better hearing and the piece of mind that comes with a full warranty you can count on.

Customized Hearing Protection

If you have ever tried to use ear plugs you have bought in the store, you know their effectiveness depends on the anatomy of your ear. If you are a swimmer, musician, construction worker, or hunter, customized hearing protection will revolutionize your work and favorite hobbies. Our custom swim plugs are tailored to your ear anatomy.

We also specialize in musician ear plugs and monitors that provide superior flat-frequency response. Unlike other types of ear plugs, ours use special filters that do not cut the high frequencies necessary to the clarity of the music you enjoy. Occupational hearing protection is designed to protect your ears from loud impulse noises like gunshots or machinery without muting the softer sounds of the environment like speech or a babbling brook. If you have a need for hearing protection, Mid Island Audiology can meet it.

Specialty Services

In addition to hearing testing, hearing aid fittings, and customized hearing protection, Mid Island Audiology offers a variety of specialized services to meet all of your hearing needs.

Tinnitus Therapy

There is nothing more disruptive to your life than persistent ringing or buzzing in your ears. This condition, called tinnitus, can be caused by long exposure to loud noise, illnesses, medication, auditory diseases, or a host of other issues that affect the inner ear. Dr. Recher has a detailed consultation process where he discusses your health history and lifestyle to help you understand why you may be experiencing ringing or buzzing in your ears. If he discovers a possible medical reason for this condition, you may be referred to a physician for a further consultation. If there is no medical reason, he will begin crafting a course of treatment that may include lifestyle changes and hearing aids to provide long-term relief from your symptoms. You may be advised to practice meditation and relaxation or make changes to your eating habits and exercise routines in order to maximize your solutions. Ultimately, the goal is to restore your hearing without the use of any devices.

Ear Wax Management

There are several misconceptions when it comes to ear wax management.

  • You should never put anything small into your ear. Most people are surprised to hear this because they have become accustomed to using cotton swabs to “clean out” their ears on a regular basis.
  • Cotton swabs do not “clean out” your ears. They actually push ear wax further into your ear. This can cause impaction, which can lead to conductive hearing loss.
  • Ear wax serves a purpose. Not only is ear wax a natural insect repellant, it protects the skin of the ear canal from dust, dirt, microbes, water and fungi.
  • In most people, excess ear wax will make its way out of your ear on its own.

That being said, some people produce large amounts of ear wax that ultimately affect the way they hear. For these patients, Mid Island Audiology offers an ear wax management program that includes periodic warm water, light pressure irrigation to flush excess ear wax out of the ear canal. Curious if ear wax management is right for you? Contact Dr. Recher today.

Industrial Testing

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employees in manufacturing facilities to have their hearing periodically tested. Dr. Recher works with these facilities to test employees, educate safety managers on the dangers of prolonged exposure to loud noises, and train facility personnel on OSHA protocols for hearing protection. He also produces custom-fit hearing protection that exceeds the minimum OSHA standards, and gives workers a comfortable way to protect one of their most valuable abilities.

For more information on how Dr. Recher can help your facility make the most of OSHA requirements for hearing protection, contact Mid Island Audiology.

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