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Dr. Thomas Recher founded Mid Island Audiology in 2014. He wanted an opportunity to treat patients the way he believes they deserve to be treated, following his own high standards of care. As an independent audiology practice, we can take the time to truly listen to what our patients need and personalize treatment based on what's best for them. We answer to our patients and no one else.

We offer two convenient locations, one in Queens and one in Wantagh. Dr. Recher is a Wantagh resident who is glad to be able to give back to his friends and neighbors. He's deeply invested in the local community and is also a contributing member of the Wantagh Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Thomas Recher, Au.D.

Dr. Recher discovered audiology through one of his great passions in life: music. He grew up playing a number of instruments, including drumming. Music is a huge part of his life and always will be. Still today, he actively performs with his church. When he set out to pursue a career, he wanted to find some way to combine his love for music with his desire to help people in a medical field. Audiology was the perfect fit.

During his studies, he found that he had developed some hearing loss and tinnitus himself due to noise exposure as a young musician. These experiences have influenced how he treats his patients. As he learns more about managing his own hearing health, he carries that knowledge on to his patients.

Dr. Recher received his doctorate of Audiology through Hofstra University's Long Island Audiology Consortium (affiliated with Adelphi and St. John's University). He gained experience in a variety of settings including a large hospital in Brooklyn, New York. This rotation taught him a unique diagnostic and counseling process to treat patients of all ages with hearing loss. He also had the opportunity to assist a team of ENT physicians in the diagnostic and fitting process of cochlear implant candidates. He also completed a research proposal that examined the causes of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and its associations with the brain, and he continues to have expertise in tinnitus management.

He's grateful to audiology because he met his now-wife while going to school to become an audiologist. In addition, she connected him with the Deaf community, which gives him a greater understanding of the experiences of people with severe to profound hearing loss.

Dr. Recher is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology as well as an associate of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. His other passions include being an active contributor in his community and church, spending time with family and friends, and songwriting. He loves to experience the outdoors through activities such as mountain biking, golf, running, and snowboarding. He also has a health and wellness podcast, "The Positivity Effect."

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